This Hole in My Chest….

She rants and rages about her horrid love life.  I am her friend, I thought one of the best, but reading her blog, it seems I was mistaken.  I’m not even mentioned.    I love her.  I mean, I love her and have loved her from the first time we met.   As my luck holds true to normal, she loves me… just not the same way I love her…  and it tears at my heart to not know why I’m friendzoned so hard, and seemingly forever, despite the fact that she is willing to pursue a relationship with some of her other male friends.

She’s wonderful, beautiful, everything I could ever imagine wanting, whom I’ve loved from the first day I met her, and over the past eight years, I’ve endured watching her date one jerk after another.  Complaining each and every time that she wishes she could just find a guy who cares, who wants to spend all his time with her, and not just his spare time.  I’ve listened as she gushed about the new guy (whom I’d never heard of before) and then two weeks later, comforted her as she sobbed, heart-broken yet again.  I listen as she talks about her other guy friends who she wants to try starting a relationship with, but she told me that because of how good friends we are, she doesn’t want to risk OUR friendship.  I just wish she would wake up and see that I’ve been here the entire time, loving her and waiting.  My patience never wavering, as I await the day when she finally sees what might be.

Until next time,